What is the Difference Between an Alcohol and Drug Detox Center?

Have you come across any advertisement that says join an alcohol and drug detox center? If you have, you might also have wondered what the difference between the two is. There are a lot of differences between the two and here are some of them. While the differences are in the process of treating the addictions and different duration of time for the different kinds of addiction, the underlying principle in both these are same. Let us know more in detail.

Both are Similar in Some Aspects

An alcohol detox center is one that is specialized only for detoxing alcohol. Patients who are addicted to alcohol can seek a quality service at these centers. The treatments, equipment, medications, clinicians, and everything is aimed for treating alcohol related addictions. On the other hand, a drug detox center is a common facility for treating all kinds of drug addictions, be it heroin addiction, or cocaine addiction, or even meth and crack addiction. These centers are like multi-specialty hospitals while alcohol detox centers are like specialized clinics. The drug detox centers offer comprehensive care for an extended set of addiction related problems.

Alcohol Addiction is More Common

What prompted this difference is the growing number of people getting addicted to alcohol. Since the drug is commonly available and legal, many people get their hands on it and subsequently get addicted to it. This is why many alcohol detox centers have sprouted up across the country. The drug detox centers are versatile in nature and they also treat patients who seek alcohol detox. But, you cannot expect an alcohol detox clinic to treat you for any other kind of addiction.

Drug Addiction Requires Specialized Care

The drug addiction centers offer a large set of treatment options for their patients. This includes specialized therapies, counseling, support group sessions, etc. These programs help in holistic upliftment for the patients. The same set of treatments are available during alcohol detox too, but the centers will have a different mode of enabling the treatments for the patients.

Duration of the Detox Differs

Another difference between the two centers is the duration of the detox period. A typical detox for alcohol can last anywhere between a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on the severity of addiction. But, in a drug detox center, the treatment period can extend upto even three months. Some patients who are addicted to cocaine go through several rounds of detox before the drug is completely removed from their system. These patients spend a lot of weeks in the detox center before moving back into their regular life.

Best Care in Both the Centers

Whatever drug you are addicted to and whichever detox center you may join, just know that all these centers provide the best care and treatments. Even if you are addicted to prescription drugs and you inquired at an Alcohol Detox Austin Tx center, you will be guided to a drug detox center for treatment and you can be free of addiction in no time at all.





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