How to DIY A Landscape Design for Your Garden According to Calmingo

The backyard is among the house’s most ignored and least maintained parts. However, if you are a nature lover, you can create something creative for your background space. The garden landscape design is gaining popularity due to providing an incredible framework for sculptures and plants. Additionally, the plan does not allow the free flow of soil, thus preventing erosion. 

Hiring a professional landscaper may be pricey. However, you can still turn your backyard into the perfect chill spot. Here is a six-step guide to help you DIY a landscape garden design:

Choose A Theme

A theme is a storyline. It is the blueprint of how your garden will look. One can choose from several outdoor themes, such as a traditional Japanese garden, a modern mosaic garden, or a historic Italian garden. Once you select a theme, choosing decorations that match the theme is easier.

For instance, cutting gardens are ideal for people who love flowers. The theme goes well with some wildflowers like lilies or tulips. Additionally, this theme works well with asymmetrical gardens because it is easier to raise flower beds where you can plant flowers. Choosing a theme that will grow with your and your family’s needs.

 Have a Drawn-up Plan 

If you are artistic, it is better to have a drawn-up plan of the outdoor landscape design before implementing it. If you cannot draw, do not be worried. There are free downloadable applications like Pinterest that are helpful.

A drawn-up picture allows you to visualize how your backyard space will look like. This will enable you to add things like light fixtures and eliminate items that do not fit the theme.

Take advantage of the items that are permanently placed. For instance, a dried tree hump would make the perfect round middle table. 

Alternatively, an unused brown patch would make the perfect playground for your kids and pets. All you need to do is plant grass and water it. Retainer walls are ideal for growing creeping plants.


Colors dictate mood or feeling. When selecting a color, you must ask yourself what mood you want to be aroused when someone visits your garden. Are you targeting a relaxed ombre feel or a happy, fun-filled mood? The answer to this question will help you select the base color.

As a rule of thumb, bright colors like yellow indicate a fun-filled activity or room. This color is associated with happiness, sunshine, and optimism. Yellow is the perfect color for an outdoor space designed for a kids’ playground. Similarly, red or orange is associated with passion, power, courage, or wealth. It is perfect for outdoor office spaces that want to bring a touch of elegance.

Green is a calming color linked to nature, growth, hearing, and prosperity. This color is perfect for an outdoor environment that targets soothe. The blue color has the same calming effect, which allows you to be one with nature.

 Finding an Equilibrium

The key to the design is finding the right balance. Find the balance between tall trees and short, sturdy shrubs, small décor and large statement-making decorative items, and the colors you select. A secret to finding the right color balance is using monochromatic color but in different shades, preferably a light and darker shade of the same color.

Conversely, using dull and bright colors in the background for your statement pieces or flowers will bring perfect harmony to your garden.

DIYing a landscape project can be an uphill task for most people. You can call Calimingo’s offices for professional landscapers in Orange County and Los Angeles that will ensure you have your dream backyard. They have experienced and licensed contractors that will walk you through the entire landscape design.